The Smell of my Sweater

2020 - 30

I often have trouble assigning names to my abstract work, and this piece gave me more than the usual amount of grief. I am often tempted to abandon names altogether and begin numbering my work like one of my idols Clyfford Still, but I also want to stay on my own path, so I plug away and attach names that may or may not alienate potential fans or buyers. The very nature of abstract art is that it contains within it multiple meanings and feelings. Thoughts, memories, smells, sounds, all combine into the tangle of shapes and colors that end up in the work.

This piece began as an exercise in exploring the color yellow and the uplifting, positive emotions I associate with that hue. The world is currently in the middle of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, and I felt the need to counter the overwhelming sense of sadness I was feeling by creating something simply beautiful. The colors combine to evoke the feeling I get when I bury my face into my favorite, comfortable sweater, and take a deep breath.