Dialectic Moment 2

Oil Pastel on Paper - 2020

In Winter/Spring 2020 the entire world felt the effects of Coronavirus/Covid19. During this time my artistic output changed dramatically. I changed my artist statement from: 'my mission is to draw what you cannot see with your eye;' to 'I make art to keep myself from screaming.' I sheltered in place in my art studio and started madly creating EVERYTHING. All mediums, all subjects. Self-portraits, animation, film projects, still lifes, I cannot think of anything I haven't attempted during this time.

This self-portrait is a re-telling of 'Dialectic Moment' I again find myself standing in two contradictory feelings simultaneously and wanting to capture the moment. This time, I feel more whole, more filled, yet still unsure, and afraid. This piece also finds me joyfully playing with my new set of oil pastels, and seeing what they are capable of.