Elizabeth Gauss

I've adopted a motto, ABC "Always, Be Creating". "I live by this motto every day, it anchors me and keeps me going."

Art has always been a part of Elizabeth's life. As a child she performed plays for her parents, as a young adult she was trained as a classical musician, and in 2012 began exploring visual art. In 2016 her connection to art changed forever while experiencing significant personal trauma over a short period of time while traveling abroad. During this time Elizabeth was alone and afraid, and in her words "All I knew to do to survive that experience was to create art and I did."

Elizabeth has continued to create visual art to heal her trauma and other mental health challenges Elizabeth lives with but also to explore her creative passions. When she began making visual art, Elizabeth created still lifes and portraits but the focus of her creativity shifted after she questioned how much of her personal experiences she was bringing to her work. Elizabeth found a creative direction by combining the training she received as a classical musician with principles of shape, form, and color; by synthesizing these principles she found a visual voice that is continually evolving.

When starting a new piece, Elizabeth focuses on one memory or feeling until a connecting it made with a specific color or colors. Music that reflects the color palette is brought into the process, staring at her workspace until a composition begins to take form. When describing this process, Elizabeth states "It feels more like I'm carving the piece out of the paper rather than placing them there. The shapes and lines seem to tell me where they belong, I just have to allow them to be."

The artwork Elizabeth creates has a very specific visceral display of undefined emotional moments and feelings. Her bold mark making and use of color create a space for the viewer to reflect and contemplate their inner life. Not only does her work create a space for others to experience an emotional catharsis but it provides moments of peace and respite for Elizabeth."Art is always with me, and always there for me. I can make art with the most basic materials in the most horrible places, art will always be there to save me. I believe in that very strongly."